tyler böe is the collaborative vision and design of Sam & Karol Boe, from the historical green in Bedford Village, New York. It is a refreshingly chic collection of sportswear designed for today’s modern, yet refined woman. Our trademark logo, the dragonfly, is discreetly woven into each piece of our collection. It symbolizes change.

The dragonfly symbol was devised at the launch of our company Sam and Karol each seasoned executives in the clothing industry embraced this spirit of change leaving the security of well established careers to follow their own personal vision and pursue their life’s work together.

Our creations are driven by color, enhanced by the touch and feel of each garment, combining the luxurious textures of the finest European Mills with the sourcing skills of the Far East. We are committed to the mantra “attention to detail”, whether it is custom buttons, innovative washes or simply the hidden dragonfly logo.           These all make the tyler böe collection uniquely recognizable.

Our vision has been embraced by our peers and an ever expanding customer base alike. In fact, tyler böe has been honored to win the prestigious DFA for Modernwear. The DFA is the oldest retailer-chosen program in the country. The award recognizes “superior design innovation, quality workmanship and retail performance.

As we continue to build our brand we are acutely aware of what our collection stands for and will strive to achieve constant evolution of our styles and design We will never compromise on the key fundamentals however ,which make our signature line unique . Throughout all tyler böe is our canvass on which Sam and Karol Boe will continue to produce a tableau which is always appealing to today’s modern yet refined woman!

All Makeup And Hair  was done by:

Danny Di Mella of KiKi Boutique, &  by Frankie Campbell of DannFrank Design. 

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